Great States is an alternative rock band that employs modern instrumentals, beautiful vocal harmonies, and thought-provoking lyrics to create a truly "one-of-a-kind" sound that mirrors the uniqueness of the Great Southwest.  They are now currently supporting the upcoming label re-release of their debut full-length record “Gatsby” (expected February 2016) and first music video/short-film for “Puget Sound, WA.”  Premiered back in April 2014, Puget Sound has since been screened at both the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience and Filmstock New Mexico festivals.

On the Making of “Gatsby”

There is something to be said about releasing a record independently; it isn’t glamorous.  Time – there isn’t enough of it.  Energy – there isn’t enough of it.  Money – there isn’t enough of it.  Dreams of million dollar studios are quickly replaced by university basements, vocal booths by bedroom closets, and record deals by personal bank accounts.  However, every once in a while the right group of people will find themselves together, and no amount of obstacles or pipe dreams can deter them from creating and sharing their music. 

Great States’ debut full-length, entitled Gatsby, takes a small glimpse into three and half years of hard work and perseverance.   “We’re very happy with what we’ve accomplished over the last few years.  Before last May [2013], the idea of releasing an entire record seemed inconceivable… and yet here we are.  ‘Gatsby’ really is more than just the four of us; a lot of our fellow artists, friends, and family have left their mark on the album in some way or another.  It really is community music for us.”

Moving Forward

Since formation in 2010, the group has lived through its fair share of happiness and heartbreak, member changes, shifting influences, and requests to “play quieter.” Now with a solid foundation, Great States plans on taking the necessary steps to grow their music and continue sharing it with anyone willing to listen.

Keyboards / Sean Leston
Vocals, Guitar / Morgan Laurence
Bass / Eric Jecklin
Drums / Ryan Rael

© Great States 2016